About the author

In my brain I wish I was an 18th century biologist/explorer. But instead, due to human encroachment and the destruction of the natural world, I can’t do that. I feel a deep sense of loss that most of the untouched natural world has been destroyed or altered by humans. I am also passionate about helping people experience more of the wonder and joy associated with nature, particularly through zoos. I do hope to contribute some small measure of knowledge and applicable conservation to make a difference. As such, I am pursuing my PhD in conservation biology. My research focuses on endangered species conservation.

My work, hobbies and travel seem to be full of random experiences that are far outside of the realm of what most people find “normal” (at least that’s what my people tell me). I whole heartedly admit to being an absent minded, goofy, extreme sports junkie, and probably reckless person, but I think that’s half the fun of living. If you read my life motto, it may tell you something about the way I approach life. I hope you enjoy my blog, and maybe you will even learn something new. If you ever have any curious questions about a post or any animal related topic, don’t hesitate to ask!



  1. hi, thanks for following my blog. Your photography is great; I look forward to seeing more! đŸ™‚

  2. Alison Jobling

    Stick with the conservation biology – although there will be a lot of heartache seeing the devastation that humans are wreaking across the world, there will be some incredible moments, and deep satisfaction that you’re doing something worthwhile.

  3. Ben

    I found the Zag poet who did the sandwich thing: http://shahirzag.com/archive

  4. Monkeys and apes are NOT stupid animals, even comparing them to stupid humans. There are some humans who are not as smart as monkeys and apes but they mostly work the registers at FRY’s electronics. Monkeys and apes are, in my observations from visits to the Los Angeles ZOO, smart enough to not like being locked up in a zoo and have an enormous amount of time to work out methods to get even with the humans at the zoo (both the staff and the visitors).

    The TV show, “Life After Humans, fills me with dread in that if we went extinct, some monkeys and apes might even evolve into our replacements. Can you imagine some poor aliens living on another planet who woke up one morning and found themselves being invaded by Monkey Federation Starships with Poop Photon Torpedos. Now that would be about the worst thing I could imagine happening to an alien race on an alien planet.

    The earth countries that protect monkeys and apes and forbade humans from eradicating destructive monkeys and apes are doing the earth a dangerous service. I love many species of animals. My favorite friends are dogs. Monkeys would make a great base for the next iteration of SPAM.

    I would like to find a way to actively smile at zoo monkeys and apes without shaving off my mustache but my dislike does not reach that level of dislike.

    Other than smiling, how else can I actively piss off zoo monkeys and apes without getting arrested. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    The movie District 9 reminds me of monkeys.

  5. SC

    I have a hard time reading what you wrote. Is English your second language?

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