I’M BACK! Now living in Asia… with vipers!

I had taken a hiatus from writing and blogging due to other commitments. For starters, I moved to Asia! Singapore to be exact. My life is settled and I have much to share. For starters here is a cute little Waglers Pit Viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri). Waglers pit viper has a pretty big distribution, and it is found across much of South East Asia. In fact, it is likely a complex of sub-species or (possibly) multiple species. These vipers are often found perched a few feet off the ground, waiting to feed on small lizards, birds, bats or rodents that pass by. I am always a bit freaked out by tree vipers. They are so well camouflaged and stay motionless. Also, where they are likely to strike will probably not be where your boots may protect you, as they are higher up.  I have a good friend who was with someone who was bitten in the face by one a few months ago. Yup, venom in the face. Not fun. They were “OK”, but had to spend a long time in a hospital and ended with some very bad scaring.

My biggest recommendation to people starting to work in the field, is have a good head lamp. And. Go. Slow. Just moving slowly and being aware of your surroundings will not only will help you spot any potentially dangerous wildlife but you will see so much more! Being safe in the field often increases your chances of seeing cool things!




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