River of Grass: finding plants in the Everglades

Everglades National Park is a remarkable place to be. Last week I was fortunate enough to spend the day hiking through the water looking for various species of plants guided by an absolute expert in the local flora, Dr Richards.  Although wildlife may be somewhat sparse, the everglades has a huge diversity of plants. Trying to learn only the species of grass, sedge, and rush we found had my head totally spinning. I think I have  a new respect for botanists and I realize how pitiful my own knowledge of the subject is compared to a true specialist. Just remember…

Rushes are round

Sedges have edges

Grass is round from the node to the ground…

In other news, I have been busy working on several grants, 2 manuscripts, teaching, and my own classes so I have been busier than usual. I am planning a very exciting trip in December out west on my motorcycle. More on that later!


Underwater? Yep that furry stuff is called Periphyton. An amazing community of algae, cyanobacteria, plants, and all sorts of interesting critters.GOPR1058

Some beautiful flowers blooming above the water.




  1. cool – so different from my plant tax class in the great basin!

    • Yea I bet. It’s often even more difficult because over half the plant is under water. And the HUGE macrophyte algal diversity is more than I can ever wrap my head around.

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