The Not So Frightened Finger Frog

Being somewhat transparent you can watch a glass frog’s heart beating right though its skin. Now think of all the photos right? *sigh* I am currently in photo overload right now. Besides editing, I have many organisms which I have caught that I need to ID. Though not related to my research, I found a huge 6 inch long caterpillar with a 2 inch tall white mohawk and rosy pink skin. Yep, it looked just like a little tiny pig. All I am wondering is, what the hell was that?? (pictures soon) For now here is a deliciously cute Centrolenid glass frog.

They are known as glass frogs because you can (kind of) see through them, thus letting them better blend into the exact hue of there background. One of the keys to good camouflage is to not cast a shadow which outlines and gives a unique pattern, giving a searching predator a nice image upon which to notice you. Many frogs (especially glass frogs) smooth themselves out and lay as flat as possible to avoid any shadows. In fact, we know very little about them most of the year.  Unless they are actively breeding and congregate near tropical streams, they are seemingly impossible to find.

This one frog was an exception. He was sitting on the edge of a branch far out into small stream we were hiking up. As I went to  catch him he jumped right onto the tip of my other hand finger. Laughing out-loud, I told my friend I has search with that  we have a new friend. Holding up him up he just sat there, a bit dazzed and confused, but no real desire to leap away. Screw the ubiquitous heart picture, I have a Finger Frog!rog perched on my finger.



  1. Kym

    Love the photo. Would you’d be open to having it published?

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