Secret Photo Tip: The Beach… when it’s Cloudy?

Ok Here is a cool photo tip for people more artsy than me. I have photographed a lot of sunsets on a lot of beaches. Want to know a secret? EVERYONE TAKES THAT PICTURE. Why? because it’s beautiful. Duh. But here is a fun one. Shoot when it’s cloudy, you get a much more moody ocean and it matches the clouds really well. If you are some artsy ninja with a camera I’m sure you could take some really awesome shots. Mine are just blah…but still not half bad. I love to have a person in the frame to give the massiveness that is the ocean a sense of scale. Look at those waves breaking. The white looks like it’s off the clouds and the whole scene looks cold. Again, doesn’t it look chilly? Guess what, its about 35C in this picture. A tropical empty beach with “chill” sense of foreboding? Awesome. Fyi this is from a few days ago while searching for some frogs on the Atlantic coast of Panama.


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