Beach Sunsets in 5 countries: travel gallery

In the last year, I have probably watched 50 sunsets in no less than 12 countries.. As most of you know I travel A LOT. I take A LOT of pictures. Here are few highlights. Enjoy!

1. Mabul, Malaysia. This place has UNBELIEVABLE gorgeous sunsets all the time Borneo is a magical place. I was too broke to rent a hut like in the picture, so I was camping on the beach. Not bad eh?IMG_2433

2. Kona, Hawaii, USA.  This is right near where I spent several years living in Hawaii (some of the best years of my life). This is Makulewena beach, one of my top places to be in the entire world. If you look closely, you can see a little picture of my tent nestled in the trees.DSCN10321023

3. Rincon, Puerto Rico. Well it’s still in the USA… sorta but I still call this it’s own country. I had just spent 2 hours surfing and was slamming some dollar beers on the beach. In my mind life does not get better than this.GOPR0526

4. Southern Thailand. I am not actually sure where this was, I had just hopped over the border for a couple days and managed to catch some surf.IMG_0019

5. Niijima, Japan.  I think I posted this photo before, but it still is a great “east facing” sunset. The had just dipped behind the mountain, and everything turned pink. This photo doesn’t really do it justice but everything was like a pastel painting.



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  1. Wow, these are amazing. We would love to share any or all on our photography site if you wish to submit. If you have ever had any moments of depression or anxiety ever, or other mental health issues, you would definitely qualify. If so, we would love to have you as a photographer of the collective. Be in touch!

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