Pictures from a 10 meter high dive

A couple weeks ago I was in Northern Florida and went to a crystal springs park. Florida has many streams and rivers that start from beautiful, crystal clear fresh water springs.  I was actually with my parents visiting my sister. My sister being eternally lame sat on the shore, but my parents immediately came to the top of the high dive. Extreme sports are is one of the main things that gets me out of bed in the morning (ok besides studying biology!), but I LOVE diving. I LOVE high dives even more. And I LOVE platforms and cliff jumping the most. Diving is nothing short of the most free, and exhilarating experience I can imagine. I have never been on a diving team or really knew what I’ve been doing, but I was a gymnast, spent an embarrassingly large amount of time on a trampoline, and visited some great cliffs in Hawaii many times. I had my GoPro Camera with me and decided to take it on a few dives. My dad took some of these before he jumped off following me videotaping one of my dives. I have to upload the videos they are pretty hilarious. Enjoy these stills for now!

Viking flip461709_10100231097884976_1813028345_o

Camera in hand, this is what the view looks like from a full twisting front flip. The lower platform (you can see below is…4 meters?467027_10100231094980796_578532988_o

On the way down pulling in for a back-full (ie full twisting backflip). I love the sun and the angle on this shot. First time I saw it, I couldn’t stop laughing.466174_10100231093249266_957881664_o

Right after take off. Hope you are not afraid of heights…. The water was so clear you could see fish about 50 feet down in the spring on the other side of the line in the water. Amazing!!471484_10100231091073626_2083271031_o

I didn’t have my underwater housing so this is some really poor quality but I think it is still a cool shot!vlcsnap-2012-05-30-18h46m49s16



  1. the third one is thrilling! Amazing timing making awesome shots. Great work!

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