Some recent photos of mine from around the world.

bw wall

A quiet moment in Tokyo. I spotted this guy walking to work, cutting through the park to save some time. Amazingly, those huge stone blocks are about a thousand years old and hand cut.IMG_2089

Off the cost of Japan lie some amazing islands. This was a massive and desolate beach located on Niijima 100 miles off the mainland. This guy was the only person other than me for about 5 miles. A beautiful surfing beach and busy when the waves are pumping, but with ankle high sets the island was abandoned.

“Hot Pants”. I love this photo spur of the moment shot from the hip. Boston at


I’m not one for religious art but these exquisite solid marble sculptures are something else. I don’t remember were this was actually hahah Paris or Rome? I  do remember the sun was setting….


My current home-town. Miami metro at it’s finest.


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