Want to adventure? Get on a dualsport motorcycle: KLR650

I recently decided that it was a good idea to get rid of my car and get a motorcycle. Less gas more eco-friendly, and great in a zombie apocalypses. Win win right? I spent 3 years of my life in Hawaii with only a bike, and it was fantastic. Now even in the urban center I am stuck in, I decided I missed the 60 miles per gallon and the fun of riding a bike. I decided on a KLR650 (2007 with 1500 miles) because I had ridden a smaller bike in Borneo last year and put 2000 miles on it in about 7 days. The KLR is a BIG bike, and you pretty much have to be over 6 feet tall to comfortably ride one. I found one for a very low price of $3000 from a guy in the midst of a messy divorce,  He needed rent money I wanted a bike. Win win right? I saw his very attractive soon-to-be ex-wife, and by the scathing look she gave her husband she appeared to be the women who had been cheated on. The bike was worth about a thousand more  than the offering price of 3k, but after seeing his wife I haggled like a rug salesmen. Now I have had the bike for about a month and put roughly 500 miles on it. I spent a couple hundred into tuning it up with extras. I put some tusk handle bar guards on it for $50 so i dont break off the clutch when I dump it over, and put a fresh pair of Shinko brand tires. It now runs like a dream.

I had looked online at many different options of luggage or a top-box to put stuff in but they all seemed so expensive. The KLR has a build in rack on the back and I figured I could just mount a 20 dollar toolbox from Home-depot instead of shelling out 100-300 for real bike luggage. The box is a great size, lockable, waterproof and wont rust. I love it. Image

The trunk was very easy to install for 26 dollars after buying the large washers to hold it to the back rack.

For the record, the sticker says Aloha Aina Malama Pono, which is Hawaiian for Love the land, care for it righteously.


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  1. Greg

    This is such as strange phenomenon. I’ve come to the same tool box as a solution for me and my bike but am looking now for a different mounting solution. I want to mount it long ways using the pillion seat to take up part of the width space of the box. Right now I’ve got a Honda CTX700 and got a 42-liter, matching top case with back pad. I too wanted to go on the cheap and found this knock-off brand, slightly scratched top case that is the exact same color as my bike for $65. I simply strapped the top-box mount around the seat using lashing straps for 7 dollars more, latched on the box, and I was in business. The only problem is that it doesn’t carry enough stuff. If I add some kind of cheap saddle boxes or bags, then I still haven’t added more room for big items, so that wouldn’t help much. It would only add drag to the bike and more space for groceries, but I still couldn’t stuff in my suit, jackets and/or helmet, which is what I need on those days that it starts out cold, but is warm in the afternoons. I started looking at building a custom, plywood box, but I don’t really have the mechanical skills to make a professional-looking box. I saw a super wide tool box in Tractor Supply. It wa 28″, which is good, but it was not nearly deep enough and no taller than my top case, which is just barely tall enough for my helmet. I looked and looked and looked at tool boxes. None had the height nor the depth that I wanted; trunks are too big; resin totes are too flimsy and not water tight; and travel luggage is too expensive and too hard to access. I wanted to find something that was 14-17 inches deep and 14-16 inches tall. And 22-28 inches wide and built like a tool box. I finally came across this box. It did not have the width I was after, but I did some calculations, and even if the interior dimensions are slightly less than listed, it will be at least 15% bigger than my case and will have that all-important height advantage to allow for stuffing clothing around the helmet.

    I’d like to find a solution that would not require drilling through the box to mount, but I think that’s what I’ll have to do.

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