Market Day in Borneo: color, food, heat, and noise

Recently on a trip to Malaysia, I spent a month wandering through some of the backwater towns of Borneo. I happened to visit several towns on market day. Usually once a week, the local market area swells to many times its daily size. Venders touting an innumerable number of local products and hagglers working for the best deal swarm the place. Women are usually selling produce and dry goods while the men deal in fresh meat and animal products. Early morning is almost always the best time to go; when it’s the busiest. The heat, the smells, the screams of venders, and spirited shopping by every class of people.  Huge selections of produce litter every table, and even the unlucky cow being slaughtered on the spot for the next buyer can be found. Talk about cultural exposure! When people ask me what is the best way to get a feel for any local culture I always say, “go to the local market and eat everything. Eat what the locals eat, and talk to as many people that understand you.”


One comment

  1. Lisa

    Wow, good pictures and it sounds like you have a lot of unusual travel experiences, Im jealous

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