$2 Critter Cam for your Dog (making dog GoPro harness)

I recently decided to attach a GoPro camera to my dog. With a bit of MacGyver and some clothes hangers, I made one for less than 2 dollars. The key component is to have a dog that doesn’t care if their wearing one. Luckily, my brothers dog, Kinai, could probably have a snowmobile trailer attached to her tail and wouldn’t notice.  I just kept it relatively loose and the dog just loved it!

I used two metal coat hangers,another small dog collar, a bit of electrical tape, and  Kinai’s collar that she wears all the time. I bent the two coat hangers to create two loops that run down her sides. The harness must be made so you don’t end up (and can’t) poke or stab your dog if they roll over. This dog is our baby, so I wanted it to be safe if shes playing, laying down, rolling, jumping or swimming. If you look at the picture you can see one end of each coat hanger goes to the camera and the other side of each attaches to the collar. I used the second collar to attach to two loops under her stomach (on a horse this is called the cinch or flank strap). I looped the wire into a hooks for the camera and then taped it (tape is not in this picture though). We took her to the beach and let her run and swim. It worked great and we got some great footage.Image




  1. Mike

    This is awesome. Im making one now! I should take my dog hunting with this on.

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